Monday, February 25, 2008

Underground Buzz 02/13
1. There was a lot of backstage drama at the Grammy Awards including an aging Diva who refused to perform with younger singers, then later lashed out when another legend was given her title. Aretha Franklin 97%

2. The Young Singer who realized she has to stop with the country bumpkin act if she is going to succeed. Her career has stalled, and now it’s time to step up her game. Ashlee Simpson 49%

3. The Pint sized legend who still holds a grudge against his former bandmates. When the two crossed paths the lil’ legend refused to speak. It’s been over 20 years, get over it. Prince & the Time 70%

4. The music mogul who realized his jump off can’t be kept quiet. She’s in a fake relationship with a younger singer, but the truth came out on Grammy night when she won an award and openly showed her affection to the mogul. Jay-Z & Rihanna 88%

5.The music legend who ruined his big comeback when he suffered a panic attack and wouldn’t go on stage. Michael Jackson 76%

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