Monday, February 25, 2008

Entertainment Lawyer 02/25
#1 - This female singer who was featured in this space once before who paid for songs with sex was at it again this weekend. She thought she was done with it all, but an executive from her label made it very clear that she needed to take care of not just one but two very important investors in the label. Oh, and she had to take care of them at the same time. The smile on her face at the parties was definitely all for show. Aubrey O'Day Danity Kane 79%

#2 Who's the daddy? That's what everyone wants to know about this singer we don't talk about anymore. Britney Spears 81%

#3 In what could quite possibly be the oddest hookups in the history of Hollywood hookups occurred this weekend between a married B- list/ C+ actress who also used to be a talk show host, and a married B- list film actor in this country and A in his own. Neither spouse was around and so dinner became drinks and drinks led to one night in his hotel room. I can't see how this would continue any further than one night. Ricki Lake & Colin Firth 44%

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