Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oldies but Goodies

This one happened over the summer at a festival which had about twenty groups. The headlining group was given a heads up that this A+ list female film actress wanted to meet the band. This actress has a history with bands and it didn't really come as a surprise, except they had no idea she was a fan. The band was really excited though because they had not been headliners long and this was someone they all had crushes on over the years. So, our A list actress shows up and brings a female friend who just went away for some water and then never came back. The actress hung out with the band the three or four hours prior to their set, and was fun and drinking and sharing stories. She did some flirting, but nothing serious. She kind of rebuffed advances from each of the group and just kept saying, "wait until after." Immediately after the show, when they went to their trailer to change, the actress was waiting there. Naked. It was after, and she wanted them. All. Two hours later she had taken them all on several times, and gave them each a sweet kiss before she left. Her female friend was right there at the front of the trailer door as our actress emerged, and even had water. From what I understand this is the first time the actress had taken on the entire group. She has however taken on multiple members of groups, but always after the show.
Lindsay Lohan and the Klaxons 92%

The spy I like to call RN has more from the world of five star hotels and the celebrities that frequent them.
#1 During a required physical last week this singer indicated she is HIV+. If you follow the partners and they were not safe, this could lead to some incredible revelations during the next year.
Britney Spears 80%

Is the academy winning actress looking for trouble? She will soon start shooting a movie with a guy she's had a wild affair with a few years back. The affair may be over but the feelings remained and rumors are they are mutual despite the fact he’s been married for many years. Hint: a case of Déja vu just with another actress in the lead? Julia Roberts & Denzel Washington 93%

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