Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Entertainment Lawyer 02/27
This one might take a little explaining. We have a former A/B list award winning film actress who was the thing about 15 years ago. A little resurgence of late, but still probably a C list actress with her current body of work, but still has that B list name recognition. She is single, but was married once. Had an affair with another A list television actor who was also married at the time. Both marriages. Done. Since then her love life has been pretty quiet. Until now. On her latest film she got involved with another married B list television actor, and a C when it comes to films. She worked her magic and the next thing you know, he is leaving his wife. Well it has now been a few months since filming ended and our actress is already tired of him, and so has broken off their relationship. The thing is, his wife has no plans to take him back and so now he is reduced to living in one of those hotels where you rent by the month. Meg Ryan 59%

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