Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Oldies

Entertainment Lawyer 01/03/07
#1 So this starlet who has been mentioned everywhere had a little drink Sunday night or was it two or three? Seems she got rejected by an ex in a VERY public way and proceeded to drink the night away and came on to any guy who headed her way. Except for one. Lindsay Lohan 98%

#2 This rockstar’s divorce was recently finalized so he could bring on the next wife. Everyone assumed she walked away with HMM money, but it was not to be. He has a long history of wives and girlfriends who think they are going to take him to the cleaners. What they don’t realize until it is too late is that he has all the ammunition. During their time together he records every incriminating moment whether it be drugs or drinking or another man. When the time comes for parting and they are looking for money, he invites them into his room and shows them why they will not be getting a penny above what he wants to give them. Rod Stewart 98%

#3 In order to support his drug habit, this cat like rock star used to be a gay prostitute. Wonder if he thinks his current girlfriend is as pretty as the boys he used to love. Pete Doherty 98%

#4 This actor has always been known for his HUGE ego. Well now it turns out he has something down below that is just as huge. Talked about in London, but really was just talk, even a legend. It was all supposition really, until he was filming his latest movie. Thinking our star was out and about, an assistant walked into the actor’s trailer without knocking and saw our actor changing clothes and what he saw has been repeated over and over and would put even Mr. Diggler to shame. Ricky Gervais 98%

#5 This singer is out of his mind. His model girlfriend was not beautiful enough for him or he thought he could do better. Somehow he thought his aging, one hit wonder self could get him someone better. What he got was a lesson in how the grass is not always greener on the other side. After bedding a series of 18 year old girls and acting like the wannabe rock star he thinks he is, his ex was seen in public with a collection of men befitting her beauty. Our singer broke and is begging for her to take him back. So far she just keeps laughing at him. James Blunt 98%

#6 Seeing this actress and her complexion Monday night reminded me that she had to miss the world premiere of a movie and almost another because her face had turned into one big zit. Cameron Diaz 98%

#7 A friend of someone mentioned earlier today has been acting like a diva despite the fact it has been years since she could even pretend to be such. Banned from her health club for wanting to work out alone and to bring in her dog, this pseudo diva has also been trying to convince friends she has a relationship with a well known singer despite the fact that no one believes a word of it. Geri Halliwell 98%

#8 Sometimes you hear about something and you just do not even know where to begin. Nevermind, I guess we will start at the beginning. See, there is this singer/actress who has had a bit of a drug problem in the past. Perhaps she has kicked it, and perhaps not. While visiting the UK recently she met an actor who is A-list in the UK, but no one has heard of here although he is in one of the year's biggest hits. He was so enamored of his little doll that he followed her back to LA. She was flattered and loved the attention. He began telling her of his special needs in regards to sex. Think KK video and you will get the idea. Although she did not find it appealing, she was flattered that he wanted to do it with her and so she agreed. UNTIL she found out that while in LA and not seeing her, he was finding some women who accept money for those kinds of things and doing it with them. Serious bonus points for getting his name. Courtney Love and Steve Coogan 98%

#9 What happens when you are at a nightclub and think you are the shit, but no one is paying any attention to you? What happens when you think you can get away with anything and not suffer any consequences? Well this Seinfeld reference decided to take matters into her own hands. An A-list model was dancing on a four foot high stage and drawing the attention of the entire nightclub not only with her beauty but in the way she was dancing. This did not sit well with our spoiled princess and so she pushed the model off the stage and down to the floor. It was only because she happened to land on someone that she avoided a possible career ending injury. Those who saw what happened began to boo at the princess, but she was so into herself that she did not even care. She did not really dance, she just kind of did red carpet pose after red carpet pose. She was loving herself even more than normal. The only problem in her little plan was that the model and the owner of the club are really close so the next thing you know, the princess was yanked from the stage and shown the door. The crowd went crazy and all waved buh bye. Paris Hilton and the attacked was Serinda Swan 98%

#10 This B list television actress is a new relationship with a guy only she could love. The problem is that the the guy really thinks he is God's gift to women. She wants this relationship to work out so much that she is looking past his blatant flirting with other women, while she is standing there. She thinks it is love and he is just using her as a free ticket for award show season. He has no interest in her outside of being that extra ticket, and has acted accordingly. Whether her back is turned or not, he is always looking for the next one. Her friends are appalled, but know it has been awhile since anyone cared and are just hoping things turn out for the best.
Teri Hatcher 98%

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oldies but Goodies

This one happened over the summer at a festival which had about twenty groups. The headlining group was given a heads up that this A+ list female film actress wanted to meet the band. This actress has a history with bands and it didn't really come as a surprise, except they had no idea she was a fan. The band was really excited though because they had not been headliners long and this was someone they all had crushes on over the years. So, our A list actress shows up and brings a female friend who just went away for some water and then never came back. The actress hung out with the band the three or four hours prior to their set, and was fun and drinking and sharing stories. She did some flirting, but nothing serious. She kind of rebuffed advances from each of the group and just kept saying, "wait until after." Immediately after the show, when they went to their trailer to change, the actress was waiting there. Naked. It was after, and she wanted them. All. Two hours later she had taken them all on several times, and gave them each a sweet kiss before she left. Her female friend was right there at the front of the trailer door as our actress emerged, and even had water. From what I understand this is the first time the actress had taken on the entire group. She has however taken on multiple members of groups, but always after the show.
Lindsay Lohan and the Klaxons 92%

The spy I like to call RN has more from the world of five star hotels and the celebrities that frequent them.
#1 During a required physical last week this singer indicated she is HIV+. If you follow the partners and they were not safe, this could lead to some incredible revelations during the next year.
Britney Spears 80%

Is the academy winning actress looking for trouble? She will soon start shooting a movie with a guy she's had a wild affair with a few years back. The affair may be over but the feelings remained and rumors are they are mutual despite the fact he’s been married for many years. Hint: a case of Déja vu just with another actress in the lead? Julia Roberts & Denzel Washington 93%
The Underground Buzz 02/27
#1 Sometimes this Singer’s butt is big …sometimes its average. Is this singer wearing padded butt implants? Alicia Keys 50%

#2 This young Actress is still playing the price for having an affair with a top Hollywood star. To avoid the star’s wife, she was not allowed to attend several key events that could have benefited her career. There was one awards ceremony where they were all together: the star, his wife and the ex-mistress. But, after she made her presentation, she left the building.
Panache Report 02/27

#1 She is the relative of a famous celebrity, her whole identity is based on his past accomplishments and she is known in black communities.
She pimps her blood line for all it's worth although it's not worth much anymore. She used her pedigree to date celebrity men, mainly pro ballers and rappers.
These men hit it and quit it, she was devastated.
She was always a recreational drinker but over the last 3-4 years her drinking has gotten out of control.
This once good looking woman has a swollen face and blood shot eyes and always reeks of alcohol.
She has become a spectacle and can been seen staggering all over Hollywood when she's not driving under the influence.
She can guzzle the juice straight with no chaser. Arnelle Simpson daughter of O.J. 85%

#2 Over the years, some rappers fall off or they leave rap intentionally. This rapper falls in one of those categories.
The real reason he became ghost? Two of his friends were murdered over an extortion deal gone bad and he feared for his life by assuming he was the target of a murder contract.
He hid low until he became assured the coast was clear and then he reappeared just as mysteriously as he disappeared from public view.
Mase 85%

In the past, we have reported on this very pretty black female celebrity who missed her calling. She should have been a porn star or call girl because her sexual deviance is out of control! Back in the day when she was first making a name for herself in Hollywood, she attended an industry event. She surprised everyone when she took the dance floor with a high powered music executive and proceeded to do a strip/dirty dancing routine. She also got down low and was in the midst of unzipping his pants until she realized where she was and pulled up. She once dated one of the sexiest black men in the industry (not an actor, athlete, singer or rapper). They broke up, Few people knew why, until now. She had to many sexual girlfriends on the side and was paying less attention to him. She moved on to an black actor (considered unattractive by industry and society standards). The actor thought he hit the jackpot until her sexual demands became out of control. She wanted it at least five times a day. She then got involved with a 'secret lover." He is a world renowned sports superstar. At first, he was turned on by her looks and sex appeal but she made a sexual request so vile during intercourse, that he immediately stopped, got up, looked at her strangely, put on his clothes and stormed out, slamming the door in the process! She realized quickly that she was letting her jackpot get away. She tried to unsuccessfully to call him the next few days but he refused to turn her calls. This relationship was so brief that few people knew they were together until now! Despite her good looks and conservative demeanor, this woman in a wild cat in the sack. She immensely enjoys sexual acts considered "sick" by many. Allegedly, she can't get off unless she performs sexual deviance. Hints: It's not Halle Berry, Nia or Stacy Dash and our sports superstar is not Kobe Bryant and you don't have to follow sports to know who he is. The high powered music executive is not Quincy Jones.
black female celebrity: Salli Richardson
high powered music executive: Suge Knight
sexiest black men in the industry: Tyson Beckford
black actor: Glenn Plummer
renowned sports superstar: Shaq 88%
We thought this much-loved actor had put his predilections behind him but he seems to have relapsed. Although he's now happily married, he's been cruising Craig's List for gay sex. A guy who placed an ad for anonymous sex was surprised when this actor turned up looking high as a kite and thrashed. He explained he'd been partying for a week and "didn't do this very often" but did not identify himself. Even with his facial hair and messed up looks he was easy to recognize. Let's hope he gets a grip before he goes off the deep end again.
Robert Downey Jr. 91%

Which famous sitcom star has fallen off the wagon after managing to stay clean for years? He hasn't shown up to any support groups or AA meetings in weeks and pals say he is back to his pill-popping ways.
Matthew Perry 80%

Which hero-athlete, who has had two recent forays onto the small screen, has a private thing for cross-dressing? It is said to be the reason for his first divorce, although the current wife doesn't know.
Bruce Jenner 74%

This white actor's racism (which has been reported before) never ceases to amaze me. In his presence, you get an immediate racist vibe. He can't make eye contact with black men or women and appears very uncomfortable when he's in the company of blacks, so much so, it's noticeable. This is the same actor who we reported on last year. He told a black playmate at the Mansion. "You sure are beautiful but you look mixed, you're not mixed with black are you? I hope not!" A white female he once desired was dating a black NFL player. When he saw the athlete at a club, he broke through the crowd and confronted him, "You haven't slept with her yet, have you? The NFL player looked at him like he was crazy. This actor also got upset, when he was on a series, a black stagehand was visited by his white girlfriend and her best friend. When the stagehand went to the men's room, he overheard the white girlfriend tell her friend, "What a great endowed lover he was." The white actor was infuriated and after that day, he made the black stagehand's life miserable on the set. It's even been rumored, when he goes to high-end department stores, he will tell security that blacks entered the store before him and they may want to keep a eye out in case of shoplifting. A few years ago, he dated a olive skinned woman who he thought had Native American blood in her. When she informed him that her mother was white but her father was bi-racial. He went ballistic and broke off the relationship, threatening her, "I have to let you go or I might commit a hate crime against you." He also made his recent significant other get rid of a close black female friend. It's rumored that this actor allegedly produced porn under a alias when he was practically destitute between acting jobs. When he did get a job on a series, he hardly spoke to his black co-star despite being friendly to other cast members. Hints: He's appeared on two TV series'.
Scott Baio 98%

Which actress broke things off with her man of a year because he isn't ready to get engaged? She took him back after he promised to prove his love for her -- but he still isn't ready for a walk down the aisle!
Jessica Alba 90%

Which highbrow talk show host telephoned a female massage therapist from the Pierre hotel last week and requested she perform intimate acts with his lady-friend, while he watched? Sadly, the answer was "No."
Donny Deutsch 79%

This guy is hot….and right now, he is the hot comic of the moment with his standup routines and movies. Unfortunately, this young comic/actor likes to get high, and it’s affecting his performances. At a recent show in the Midwest, he performed so bad he offered to give concert goers their money back.
Katt Williams 89%

Which breakout young male star uses - gasp - fake eyelashes to get his trademark gaze? Dammit, Hollywood, stop toying with us!
Zac Efron 98%

Entertainment Lawyer 02/27
#1 This married B- list television and some truly awful films actress was at an after party and would not stop hitting on this B list film actor/comedian. When he asked her about her husband, she replied that he was out of town and that no one would no. Our actor declined. Eva Longoria & Dane Cook 75%

#2 This 90% television C list actor that you would probably recognize but would not know his name brought along a "date" to one of the bigger parties of the night. When a friend of the actor asked our actor where he found her, he replied that she was an escort. Now, our friend is a married B list actor with A+ name recognition when it comes to his role. The friend introduced himself to the escort, got her number and made plans to see her this week.

#3 This foreign born C list actress here and A list in her own spent much of the night at the after party she attended, with her finger dipping into her purse and her stash. She would walk up to people and chat, and as she was leaving them she would turn, dip and snort all at the same time. On one of her turns she nearly ran into this foreign born actor/actress couple who asked if they could partake. Our actress agreed and the three spent the rest of the evening together huddled around our actresses' purse until it was all gone. Amy Adams / Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem 69%

#4Which U.S. senator, currently applying for another job, slipped on the waxed marble floors rushing to a vote and inadvertently grabbed both breasts of a female Capitol police officer, according to a story she's been telling around the Hill? Hillary Clinton 55%
Entertainment Lawyer 02/27
This one might take a little explaining. We have a former A/B list award winning film actress who was the thing about 15 years ago. A little resurgence of late, but still probably a C list actress with her current body of work, but still has that B list name recognition. She is single, but was married once. Had an affair with another A list television actor who was also married at the time. Both marriages. Done. Since then her love life has been pretty quiet. Until now. On her latest film she got involved with another married B list television actor, and a C when it comes to films. She worked her magic and the next thing you know, he is leaving his wife. Well it has now been a few months since filming ended and our actress is already tired of him, and so has broken off their relationship. The thing is, his wife has no plans to take him back and so now he is reduced to living in one of those hotels where you rent by the month. Meg Ryan 59%

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Entertainment Lawyer 01/01
#1 What comedian/actor/out of control mess was thrown out of a music video shoot because the band threatened to walk out if the actor was involved in the shoot in any form. Andy Dick / Nickelback 98%

#2 In front of Yamashiro last night, this female singer who was wearing even less than in her music videos was doing everything but taking off the rest of her clothes in order to get a music producer to take her for a "ride" in his brand new red Bentley. Her approach consisted of much bending over (clearly showing what she was bringing to the party), using two fingers and her tongue to suck on a mint, and clearly explaining how important fresh breath was in her life. Her fellow female band member looked really uncomfortable and the producer ultimately turned down the offer. The two singers left in a very cheap rental car but not before they stiffed the valet. When the singer's was asked by her fellow band member why she wasn't tipping the valet, the singer was heard saying, "looking at my body should be tip enough." Shannon Bex & JR Rotem 98%

#3 This former A list action star was recently out in public and no one was paying any attention to him. He whispered something to his son, who then shouted out, "look, it's ______." Soon there was a crowd around the fading star but he claimed he was too busy for any autographs. Sylvester Stallone 98%

#4 This B list film actor used to be famous for who he was with and now just can't get any respect. Recently he tried to get into a nightclub by moving to the front of the line. Neither doorman recognized him and was told to to the end of the line. He then pulled out his cell and called some of his friends inside the club to come get him in. After explaining for 15 minutes who he was there was still not entry. Then one of the friends mentioned the ex and the doormen opened the ropes immediately. Ryan Phillipe 98%

#5 Despite their appearances together on recent talk shows and their public comments to the contrary, these two actors really don't like each other and what you see in public and what goes on in private are two very different things. Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan 98%

#6 What boy band group broke up not because of creative differences, but because one of the singers got tired of the sexual advances and lifestyle of one of the other singers. (No, it's not N'Sync) New Edition Johnny Gill 98%

#7 There is an A- film actress filming a movie with a B+ actress and they haven't spoken an unnecessary word to each other on the set of their latest movie. Seems the two don't see eye to eye on many issues and can't stand each other. The last straw was that the A- actress felt that the B+ actress was hijacking the movie by threatening to not do the part unless she got more money and perks than the A- actress. The B+ actress told everyone that she was the better actress, and definitely worth more to the film. The B+ actress didn't get the extra dough, but made a bad relationship even worse. Scarlett Johansson & Penelope Cruz 98%

#8 The funny thing is this B list couple are going to stores together and buying things for his boyfriend's home not his home or her home as they want everyone to believe. Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen 98%

#9 I'm not really one for royalty blind items because I don't know any, but I do know that recently there was some royalty that hit the OC hard. (you can take that however you want, but I don't think they were physically hanging out at Laguna Beach.) Prince Harry & Mischa Barton 98%

#10 Some very interesting news. It seems that this certain A list body with the B list resume has been sticking with her guy after everyone thought that all was said and done because they got married. Not recently and no one even in the family is the wiser. They did it on a lark, but now at least she understands that in order to get out of it, people are going to find out she was in it in the first place. He's just happy to be married to her. I know when you read the first line you think it's very obvious, but it's not.
Jessica Alba & Cash Warren 98%

Entertainment Lawyer 01/01
#1 So about two weeks ago there is a Vivid party (adult film company) and this music producer who reminds me a great deal of Larry Hagman drives his car right up to the front entrance of the club, slams his brakes so the tries squeal and to make sure he has everyone's attention. In front of the club is a long line of people waiting to get in. Our producer walks up to the door and says, "I'm here for the party." The bouncer sees his name on the list, but says the party hasn't started yet and won't for another 20 minutes or so. Our producer begs to get in early, but is denied. He goes back to his car and lays rubber as he pulls away from the club. 30 minutes later he pulls back in front of the club just as noisily, and as he struts up to the front entrance says, "Lets start this party. Where are the bitches? Bring on the bitches." I would like to say that he then tripped and fell and everyone laughed at him, but everyone was already laughing at him. He went home empty that night. JR Rotem 98%

#2 Oh Canada. Not really about Canada per se, but it does take place in Canada. Seems that a show that is filming there which was supposed to be a big hit is actually a bomb and the cast knows it. Since they figure they will be canceled before the end of the year they are doing as much as they can to have fun, including all kinds of gestures and signals to their friends while filming, stealing everything they can from the various sets, and basically just having the time of their lives all over Vancouver knowing it will be over soon. Everyone is joining in except for the female lead who still thinks the show will make it and thinks everyone is acting childish and refuses to take part in anything that can be considered fun. The rest of the cast and crew have taken to calling her diamond which she takes as a compliment. Unfortunately it is referring to what a tight ass she is and how if she put a lump of coal in her ass it would turn to a diamond. Michelle Ryan 98%

#3 This oh so demanding curvy top 40 singer with the famous pipes, has a bit of a towel problem. Seems she makes one of her people go buy fresh towels daily. Yes, brand new towels must be used everyday irregardless of whether a towel was used the day before or not. Seems that our singer thinks that towels that have been hanging collect too much dust, and so wants fresh ones daily so she is always clean. I guess no one has bothered to tell her that they are gathering even more dust sitting in the store, or on the shelves of her home awaiting their first use. Hey, at least all her staff, their friends and family have more towels than they know what to do with.
Mariah Carey 98%

#4This whacked out, aging female singer, and I am using the term singer very loosely here, walked up to her ex-boyfriend who was with his current girlfriend. Apparently our singer was a wee bit jealous and a wee bit pissed that her ex was with someone else. She walked straight up to the new girlfriend and asked, "Did he tell you that he's HIV positive?" "I should know, he gave it to me." She then turned and walked away. How is that for a date? Probably the last one.
Courtney Love. I need to make it perfectly clear that as far as I know she only said it as a joke and is NOT HIV+. This is NOT the same singer mentioned in a recent blind item who is HIV+. 98%

#5 This drug addled celebutard from a foreign land (not U.S.) is in a new relationship with a celebutante who is the daughter of someone sexy. Seems the celebutard hit on the celebutante's step mother at a recent event. He was rejected, but the celebutante still adores him.
Calum Best / Kimberly Stewart (turns out she didn't really adore him after it happened and broke up with him) 98%

#6 What comic/actor, best friends/duo have been best friends for years but have seen their relationship crumble due to jealousy. One of the friends (A) was always the bigger television star and had the ego to match and was willing to be friends with his less than equal friend (B) as long as the second friend was second best. When A got into films, he thought his television success would carry over, but no such luck. When B got into films he kept scoring number one films and A began to seethe. Now, with B having another #1 film and A not getting his calls returned, it seems the once famous friendship has ground to a halt. Ray Romano & Kevin James

#7 This award winning B+ list television and film actress is having second thoughts about the whole marriage thing. Seems as if her significant other is dying to make it official and she used to be. Just things have changed now and she wants to see what's out there and see if she can find someone more her equal in status. Katherine Heigl 98%

#8 This celebutard (the male version of celebutante) with the prolific sperm has been trying to hide his relationship with this C/D list actress because her former boyfriend, a B list film star with A list name recognition has threatened to kick the crap out of the celebutard if he sees him with his ex. The c'tard acts tough but is scared out of his mind. Kevin Federline / Nicole Narain / Colin Farrell 98%

#9 This male singer kept trying to hit on women at the VMA after parties but was having no luck. Apparently each and everyone made it a point to tell him he was an ass and that you should never kiss and tell. Adam Levine 98%

#10 This dog loving B list film actor was shot down last night at a club by this A list (everywhere but America) performer when he tried to hit on her. She not only turned him down, but was heard to say, "I thought you were gay." Orlando Bloom & Kylie Minogue 98%

Entertainment Lawyer 01/01
#1 This divorced A list rock star God and father, takes his invincibility to a whole other level when he is self medicating. When he does, his guns come out and his clothes come off. Recently he and his "doctor" were naked except for machine guns and night vision glasses when the police found them. Neighbors in his LA community had called police to report machine gun fire and loud screaming and yelling. When the cops showed up they found our rock star and his "doctor" in the above stated positions. Sure they had been firing away, and should have gone to jail. Instead the police asked about the guns and asked for autographs. Eddie Van Halen 98%

#2 This lead singer from one of the greatest bands of all time has always been known as a ladies man. He was, but no longer. Now he much prefers the company of men. As in, never goes out with women anymore despite what he publicly professes. David Lee Roth 98%

#3This hot blooded female singer got on an elevator at a hotel in LA with about three other people. She immediately took up a position in front of the mirror in the elevator. On the next two floors the elevator stopped, letting more people on. When the added people started blocking her own view of herself on the elevator, she told them to please move out of the way. This forced the people on the elevator to all squeeze together uncomfortably. Our singer then continued to model and pose in front of the mirror all the way to her floor. Not quite Eva Mendes strutting around a Starbucks, but close. Shakira 98%

#4What Presidential candidate is sleeping with an aide? Hilary Clinton 98%

#5This singer/fighter didn't let a date stand in the way of him hitting on any woman he saw at last night's CMA show. Did it in front of her, without her, and it all did no good. His bored looking date still went home with him at the end of the night. Kid Rock 98%

#6 This blonde, female singer was hit on Sunday night by another woman. When the singer realized what was going on, she replied, "Ewwww. That's sick." How about that for some tolerance huh? Jessica Simpson 98%

#7 On a day when you were being nice and maybe just had some great loving, you might consider this film actress to be B list. She used to be for sure. Now, she doesn't do much of anything except show up where the beautiful people are and every once in awhile make a fool of herself. Definitely only with beautiful people though. At a party the other night, she was overheard giving a lengthy dissertation on why she doesn't have any ugly friends and how if you do, people will think less of you, and that you should only surround yourself with the best which means rich guys, quality clothes, and no ugly friends. "What happens if someone becomes ugly after they are her friend?"

"I never speak to them again, unless of course they are rich or can help me in some way. But it better be a very big help. Of course they aren't my friends then, just a business partner." Tara Reid 98%

#8 This pregnant singer decided to spend the night at a hotel with her man. She must have really enjoyed what they were doing because the management called twice to let her know that the other guests were complaining about how loud in bed she was. Christina Aguilera 98%

#9 From AP-This jet set actor/actress B list couple took a few minutes out for themselves at a party the other night. The couple spent most of the night arguing about what the wife was wearing, and made up by having a quickie in the restroom. Probably would have got away with no one noticing, except that she was rather vocal and has a very interesting pet name for her husband. Jennifer Connelly & Paul Bettany 98%

#10 This celebutard was talking smack at a party about a guest who is a blinged out top male singer/producer. Word got to the singer and he made sure that whenever our celebutard started hitting on a woman, the singer would involve himself into the conversation and get the woman to come with him. Even though he was getting paid to be at the party, our celebutard left early and left pissed. Kevin Federline & Kanye West 98%

This black male celebrity is considered a very good actor although he has never won an acting award. Like so many actors before him, there have been complaints about his arrogance and attitude, but he's still respected for his craft throughout Hollywood. What few people know, it's heavily rumored that he's a functional cocaine addict. People on film sets were wondering, why is he always sniffling with a runny nose, twitching and somewhat irrational? He doesn't have a cold but he does have a cocaine habit that sets him back a couple of thousand each week. His nose is like a vacuum cleaner when it comes to this drug and he can't seem to stop snorting despite nasal problems (tissue). When he's at home, he likes to use coke in a darkened room and often closes the curtains beforehand. No one can understand, why is he blowing this opportunity with drugs? Because, it's so hard for blacks to make it in Hollywood, period. He gets an opportunity and goes buck wild, like he's making up for lost time. The public, especially urban communities would be surprised and shocked that this particular black actor is an cocaine addict. It's only a matter of time before everyone will become aware of his addiction-because at the rate he's going, he will be in rehab soon.
Terrance Howard 91%
1) He may have been the devils own, but it hasn’t been enough to keep this actor’s career up to speed. Maybe that is why his closet door is less firmly shut than it than it used to be in the past. Recent weeks he has been seen cruising through town and partying at nightclubs with his striking young boyfriend.
Keanu Reeves 90%

2) This legendary Hollywood director does not only have billions to the bank he also has his heart in the right place. When his wife overheard a local animal shelter was in financial trouble and feared it had to close it’s doors he not only donated one million dollars, he also prompted his friends to pick up some of the most needy pets and offered a severely battered dog a new loving home. Steven Spielberg 99%

3) This not so usual actor showed his gallant side at a recent party in London. When a member of the British elite displayed aggression and rudeness towards his girlfriend the actor confronted the ‘distinguished gent’ about his behavior. When the notable then turned his aggression towards the gallant actor, he was silenced by a swift left corner. The gallant actor proceeded to offer the damsel in distress a ride home. He did not return to the party. Gabriel Byrne 67%

4) Will this actor ever learn? His behavior is spinning out of control, drugs, booze, violence, rudeness, and now he even badmouthed one of his female fans when she asked for his autograph at a recent social gathering. The actor was so high his boyfriend in disguise even intervened in fear things would get out of control even more. Mike Meyers 44%

5) This actor loves the ocean. He likes the ladies, but….recently he met someone he really seems to have lost his heart to, his biggest problem may be it’s not someone of the opposite sex. The pressure is high for him to keep his secret, but some think he may be getting tired of it. George Clooney 89%

This comedian is known for his comic skills, but his fans would be shocked if they knew how he really behaved. He treats his wife horribly. He fights with her in front of their kids and out in public. He is a disgrace. Sources say his Asian wife is very unhappy with the way she is being treated.
Dave Chappelle 91%

NY POST 01/02

1. WHICH 40ish actress has finally gotten pregnant for the first time? Her rep is denying it because she's only a month into it, and has suffered miscarriages in the past. Said our source: "Watch for her to get bangs and start wearing hats to hide her sagging face because you can't be on Botox when you are pregnant." Nicole Kidman 99%

2. WHICH gorgeous daughter of a foreign-born billionaire had a fling last year with Prince William? While their families don't get along, and she could never marry the future King of England, the hookup between their clans was not unprecedented. Camilla Al Fayed 92%

Which Las Vegas mover and shaker is having a very public affair with a beauty queen who wears the name of a neighboring state on her sash? "It's so out in the open, but the photographers know they're not allowed to take a picture when she's sitting on his lap," says a snitch.
Steve Wynn 50%

Monday, February 25, 2008

Entertainment Lawyer 02/25
#1 - This female singer who was featured in this space once before who paid for songs with sex was at it again this weekend. She thought she was done with it all, but an executive from her label made it very clear that she needed to take care of not just one but two very important investors in the label. Oh, and she had to take care of them at the same time. The smile on her face at the parties was definitely all for show. Aubrey O'Day Danity Kane 79%

#2 Who's the daddy? That's what everyone wants to know about this singer we don't talk about anymore. Britney Spears 81%

#3 In what could quite possibly be the oddest hookups in the history of Hollywood hookups occurred this weekend between a married B- list/ C+ actress who also used to be a talk show host, and a married B- list film actor in this country and A in his own. Neither spouse was around and so dinner became drinks and drinks led to one night in his hotel room. I can't see how this would continue any further than one night. Ricki Lake & Colin Firth 44%

Oscar moments you didn't see on TV

Monday, February 25th 2008, 1:08 AM

LOS ANGELES - Most of the action on the Oscar stage is choreographed and rehearsed. Backstage is another story.

In the wings of the Kodak Theatre, stars grapple with nerves, have impromptu meetings with colleagues and make last-minute adjustments to their hair and makeup. Presenters and performers mingle with brand-new Oscar winners while dodging props and cameramen.

What you see on TV is Hollywood magic. Backstage is like a home movie, where everybody knows each other and they're all excited about putting on a show.

OSCAR SHOCK: As Marion Cotillard stepped offstage with the best-actress Oscar for "La Vie En Rose," Forest Whitaker enveloped her in a hug that lasted at least a minute.

Then they looked at each other and laughed.

"I'm shaking, like wow," Cotillard trembled.

Stopping by the backstage "thank you" cam, she expressed her gratitude in French and studied her Oscar.

"I'm shaking so much I think I can't talk," she said.

Whitaker led her arm-in-arm behind the stage on the winner's walk.

"This is huge, this is huge," she gushed as backstage workers applauded.

At a stop for a makeup touch up she tried to breathe deeply.

"This is crazy, this is totally crazy. Ooh la la la la! It's totally surreal," she said.

Tilda Swinton was so stunned by her win for supporting actress in "Michael Clayton" that she could only keep repeating "wow, wow" as she walked offstage.

Presenter Alan Arkin chased her with the winner's envelope.

"Oh yes, this is the proof," Swinton said, leaving arm-in-arm with Arkin.

JITTERS: Katherine Heigl wasn't kidding when she told the Oscar audience she was nervous.

Behind the scenes, a stagehand asked if she was OK.

"I just need a cigarette," she said, bumming one from a security guard and heading out to a loading dock.

NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOE BUSINESS: Adjusting her dress as she stepped into the theater wings and prepared to take the stage, Jennifer Garner confessed to the stage manager: "I'd like to take my shoes off."

"We could do it," he replied.

Instead, she looked skyward and said, "I didn't mean it, karmic dressing gods," and walked in a small circle.

"I'm just going to make sure I'm not going to fall," she explained.

Renee Zellweger had slung her silver Christian Louboutins over her shoulder when Johnny Depp ran into her.

"I like your shoes," Depp said.

"Thanks man," Zellweger replied. "I used to like the shoes."

STAR CLUSTERS: At times it seemed there were as many stars in the green room as in the audience.

Penelope Cruz sat by her sister, Monica, and fanned herself. They were joined by Miley Cyrus, Johnny Depp and companion Vanessa Paradis, and Forest Whitaker.

Marion Cotillard was about to join them when she learned she would have to smoke outside.

In a hallway, Patrick Dempsey and "Grey's Anatomy" co-star Katherine Heigl met up with "Enchanted" star Amy Adams, and all agreed that appearing at the Academy Awards is no easy task.

"It's surreal," said Adams.

Later, she met her "Charlie Wilson's War" co-star Tom Hanks in the wings of the Kodak. Hanks complimented Adams on her outfit and her performance of "Happy Working Song."

"I'm so relieved," she said.

Hanks said that as he watched her he thought, "Wow, they make her do it all by herself."

"No costume, no anything," she replied. "It's like, 'Sell it, girl.'"

CELEBRITY PLUMBING: The restroom just offstage was another Kodak Theatre hotspot.

Jessica Alba and Forest Whitaker waited in line, and Javier Bardem brought his Oscar inside with him.

First-time presenters Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill passed the crowd on the way to the stage, but Hill paused and thought better of it. They joined lineup.

TOM TOUCH-UP: Tom Hanks got a bit of powder from a makeup artist in the view of backstage photographers.

"Boys, get a picture of this. It's so masculine," he said, adding in nasally voice: "Oh look, Hanks is getting his face powdered at the Academy Awards. He stormed Normandy Beach in 'Saving Private Ryan.'"

LADIES MAN: This backstage reporter was just trying to get out of Jack Nicholson's way, but ended up in his crosshairs.

As he passed in a narrow corridor he brushed against her synthetic white fur coat.

"Nice jacket," he said half under his breath.

As the reporter thanked him, photographers in the hallway aimed their cameras.

"Let's have a picture," said Nicholson.

Underground Buzz 02/13
1. There was a lot of backstage drama at the Grammy Awards including an aging Diva who refused to perform with younger singers, then later lashed out when another legend was given her title. Aretha Franklin 97%

2. The Young Singer who realized she has to stop with the country bumpkin act if she is going to succeed. Her career has stalled, and now it’s time to step up her game. Ashlee Simpson 49%

3. The Pint sized legend who still holds a grudge against his former bandmates. When the two crossed paths the lil’ legend refused to speak. It’s been over 20 years, get over it. Prince & the Time 70%

4. The music mogul who realized his jump off can’t be kept quiet. She’s in a fake relationship with a younger singer, but the truth came out on Grammy night when she won an award and openly showed her affection to the mogul. Jay-Z & Rihanna 88%

5.The music legend who ruined his big comeback when he suffered a panic attack and wouldn’t go on stage. Michael Jackson 76%
NY Daily News 2/22

Which Oscars golden girl made her celebrity ex-boyfriend pretend to still be in a relationship with her months after they broke up, because she was afraid a split would look bad for her Academy Award campaign? It worked, and they discreetly separated months later. Julia Roberts 96%

When this non-black, non-white actor was struggling, he openly paraded his beautiful black girlfriend all over Hollywood. She was also famous before her career hit the skids.

They were a striking couple and he was a nice guy. Her behavior was the reason the relationship ended. Soon after, he got a TV gig that pays him in the neighborhood of $200,000 per month. His show is one of the most popular shows on television.

Over the past few years, he has had an assortment of beautiful girlfriends and he even had a live-in relationship. All of these women were the same ethnicity as him.

But, he still can't control his attraction for black women.

Few people know, despite having a girlfriend, he allegedly had several sexual encounters with a very popular black woman, who-like several other women in the industry (of different races), is mainly known for her sexcapades.

He's been informed that she's considering putting him on blast because she feels-he only wants her for sex, never takes her out in public and goes out of his way to hide her from the public!

He's worried on how this will affect his current relationship with his girlfriend and network executives.

Regardless, it will happen again because he can't seem to control his compulsion for black women.

This actor doesn't seem like a nice guy anymore. When he was starving, he had no problem flaunting black women on his arm but since he achieved success. He now creeps with black women on the low. Adam Rodriguez CSI Miami 81%

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The great thing about today's four items is they all come from the same apartment building in New York.

#1 The summer this B list film actress who I love to rag on as of late was in Shakespeare in the Park, she lived in the building. The building is in Manhattan that was home to many celebs on a permanent basis or just while they were doing a stint in a play or something. So, our actress lived in the building that summer under an assumed name because she didn't want to be bothered. Fine...who cares. No one in the building really cared about famous people living there. There was no mail room at this building, but rather a concierge who gave out mail. All of the mail was in pigeon holes and generally, the concierge knew you and got your mail as you came to the desk. Sometimes there were a few people there so you had to wait. Fine...well, not fine for our actress. Once, while a person was getting their mail and chatting with the concierge for a moment, he got the mail and told the person they had a package in the back so he was going to get it. Before he went to get the package, our actress came up and asked for her stuff. She was told to wait since there was another person there ahead of her. She didn't like that at all. So she said, I can't wait and I want my stuff now. The concierge ignored her. She was so steamed and unfortunately, the person ahead of our actress in line had to ride in the elevator together. She had previously asked the security guard if she could have the elevator to herself. He promptly told her that that is not how things work in the building...but in a really nice way. Natalie Portman 72% sure

#2 This former A list child actor lived in the building. He actually got kicked out of the building. He was renting...spending about 14k a month on rent. That included a studio apt that was made into a gym. This is when he was married. They rescued a lot of animals but never took them out...they also smoked pot incessantly so the halls reeked. That's why they were asked to leave. He NEVER held the door for anyone. There was a fire in the building where his mom and siblings lived...well, they all moved in with him. There were siblings ALL over the place. They would run down the halls banging on the walls. It was annoying as hell to say the least. Mcauley Culkin 97% sure

#3 The Paper was also filmed in the building. Ron Howard was scouting out the location so everyone on the floor which was used for filming got to see him. A few days later, he was back and invited several residents to see what was going on. He was incredibly nice. One of the male stars was not friendly at all. Apparently he was being stalked at the time so he had an armed guard, who was really nice, but our actor was an ass. He refused to take the elevator if anyone was in it. He also refused to talk to ANYONE. Michael Keaton 91%

#4 Here's another ass. This involves an Academy Award winning actress/supporting actress. The building was set up such that there was a doorway that went from the elevator bank to the hall. One day a resident was going from the elevator to the hall and our actress was going the other way. Well, they didn't see each other and our actress bashed through the door and hit the resident in the head. Ok, mistake...fine...well...not so fine..our actress said "get out of my way." Yeah, not ok. So, the resident told her to watch it because the resident lived there etc etc and the resident thought that our actress was really rude. The woman with her apologized profusely. The resident told her there was NO reason for her to apologize because she didn't do anything. The resident pointed to our actress and said "She's the one who should be apologizing." The resident kept being ignored by our actress while the assistant just kept apologizing. Meryl Streep 68%
NY POST 02/18
1. WHICH recently divorced fashion editor is rumored to be spending more time in Los Angeles these days? Word is she's taken up with the recently jailed Kiefer Sutherland.

2. WHICH movie star recently suffered a miscarriage? The heartbroken actress is now talking about adopting. Gwyneth Paltrow

Which celebrity sibling who can't stay out of trouble has a girlfriend-of-record, but also a much-talked about romantic incident involving a same-sex pal in the Hamptons last summer? Barron Hilton and Skye Peters
These A+ list female film actresses (when I say A+, there is no wishy washy, they are A+) are really different, but they do have one very big thing in common. A woman. That's right. While one of the A+ listers is no stranger to women, the other A+ lister is, or would have the world believe she is. However, each of our A+ listers separately spent several months with a woman who must be magnificent or beautiful or extremely talented in the bedroom to attract the interest of these A+ listers. The only thing these two A+ listers have in common is the huge amount of money they get for making films. The fact that these two completely different personalities and looks could both fall for the same woman just boggles the mind. That, and the fact that at least one of the A+ listers has never shown a propensity to spend time with the same team. This one blew me away. Jennifer Aniston & Drew Barrymore
NY POST 02/19
1. WHICH D-list TV star, who's famous for getting paid to party, distracts skirted ladies by pouring liquor down their throats as he gropes them? Brody Jenner

2.WHICH fashion designer is lying to her actor beau? While she proclaims her love for her man, New York insiders say she really prefers "butch Mexican and Latino women." Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou

3. WHICH sweetheart Oscar winner doesn't always have a heart as golden as her locks? She's known for introducing her best friend for 10 years as "my assistant" when around other Hollywood types. Reese Witherspoon

The sobriety of which troubled starlet probably isn't being helped by the fact that her uncle deals weed out of the spare room in her mom's house? Lindsay Lohan

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Which DUI-ed director/actor - goes this ridiculous but too-good-not-to-share story doing the rounds in Hollywood - wears a fake nose to avoid being recognized in public? It is said he lends it to his closeted actor buddy, who wears it when trawling for men.
Mel Gibson
I love the C list. Seriously, they are the best. I would write more of them, but I want you to be able to at least have a chance at guessing. Speaking of guessing. You know the blind item from earlier this week about the A+ listers who both spent time with the same woman. You might want to be around in July or mark your calendars. That's all I am saying. So, back to the C lister. She is an actress who has done what I like to call this and that on television. A little of the one time thing and a few two or three episode arcs, mixed with a starring role in a tweener show. Now our C lister who is older than your typical tweener has branched out into some nice respectable B films with nice respectable B actors. Well, respectable for the most part. For now, lets go back to the tweener show where our actress introduced several other cast members to the wonderful world of meth. Although only 3 or 4 fellow cast members took her up on her offer, one of those who did now has a serious problem. Our actress was also known as the "stress reliever" to whatever guys wanted to spend some time with her. Or girls it turns out as well. No girls on the tweener show that I have heard of, but in her latest film she did manage to find a has been celebutante who got a role and slept with her. They also traded coke for sex with the comic actor who was in this very space not too long ago. C listers are the best.Christine Lakin

This B- list actress with the A list movie resume. When I say A list movie resume I mean summer type popcorn flicks that do well. Well she was at a premiere recently and decided that she didn't like where the limo driver was going to drop her off. She opened her door and saw that he had missed a spot by about five feet. God forbid she was going to walk the five feet. With the door halfway open she unleashed a verbal tirade against the poor driver that included every four letter word known to man and to Xenu. (not a clue, just thought it was fun to write) After she made him move up the five feet, she opened her own door and then went around to the drivers side and then let him have it again. The guy drove away leaving her there in the street. She then put on her happy face and made nice for the red carpet. Jessica Alba

Any guesses??

1. Who once generously gave a gentleman something during a charity event for an organization in his late mother's name? (What he gave, actually, was a blowjob in the bathroom. Ma would have been so proud.)

2. What couple almost split up during the making of that movie because she was on fire with jealousy that he got to show his actual talent? (No worries. It totally bombed.)

3. Which young Broadway leading lady has for several years fallen in love with every guy who plays opposite her, even though—or maybe because—it's always a gay?

4. Which top anchor is a bottom? Which pop star is a top? (Or so goes the legend; actually, he and one of his hot boyfriends switched positions and loved it.)

5. Which same star did it with that married but gay male socialite?

6. Which female politician once slept with a rabbi's sister, according to an American Idol personality who's a friend of the rabbi? Hillary Clinton

7. What male comeback star (in movies and mostly TV) is known as a completely cold, unpleasant fish to work with, though he can certainly turn on the charm when he needs to?David Duchovny

8. Which charismatic pit bull is described by some who've worked with her as a monster off-camera as well, someone who took her assigned role a little too seriously and became quite power-mad in the head?Meryl Streep

9. What lovable showbiz relic is so needy that if you show her a little kindness, she'll start calling you at two in the morning for lengthy chats every night for months?

10. What much younger songstress has very little actual chemistry with the husband, probably because she's a big old lesbo?Pink

11. What transforming young movie star already seemed problematic last year when, in the middle of a press junket, he would snap at underlings, "Where's my cigarette?" then would rudely bolt for a puffing break when he got one?Shia LeBouf

12. Which modeling dynasty scion left her dog at a spa and never bothered to pick it up? (They didn't really mind. She paid for it to be there.)

13. Which reality star can be seen being fisted by an admirer in a kooky video that's making the underground rounds? Should we give him a hand?Clay Aiken

14. Which movie star who seems so brooding and enigmatic actually doesn't speak much because he doesn't have much to say, swears an insider? What model he was once aligned with also maintains much glamour and mystery by keeping her dumb trap shut (except to open it for drugs)?

15. Which legendary black singer was spotted at a store, where she was screaming into her cell phone, "Doesn't anyone read in your office? Don't you understand English? I told you to arrange that flight!"? Was it perhaps a flight on a broomstick?

16. Which beloved Broadway diva was supposedly the girlfriend of grande dame Judith Anderson all those diva years ago?

17. What comic in his sixties concerned onlookers when his speech at a roast last year was punctuated with loud snorts and grandiose nose-wiping?

18. Which black funny lady admits she can't even hit the stage without being tanked, skanked, and totally blotto?

19. Which porn star has no detectable accent when he answers his cell phone, but then seems to remember to lay one on once he realizes who you are?

20. Which '70s star ingeniously turned a recent memorial service into a giant photo op for himself?

21. Which swiveling startlets people brutally Tasered a young fan who simply wanted to tell her he loves her? At this point, shouldn't they Taser all the people who don't care?

22, What female politico's daughter looked so bulimic at her wedding that friends considered staging an intervention?

23. What cute, young guy, who's Hollywood royalty, recently had a heartwarming experience peeing into a trannie's anus, only to have all kinds of shit shoot out? Jealous?

24. Which seemingly passive half of that design duo can actually be a tempestuous spitfire? (He threw a drink at a Barracuda patron, whose friend chased him out the door, hoping for a showdown.)

25. Which CBS personality sits in his car telling passersby that he's doing so to watch Katie Couric on the news, but it's actually to stall until 7 p.m., when his parking there can become legal?

26. Which exotic, young hotshot designer has been supposedly doing it with that black rapper with many children?

27. Which cute-as-a-button Broadway performer who's gone from leads to supporting roles is actually straight? (No, I'm serious. There's one Broadway male who really is a hetero, and this guy is it.)

28. Which other always-working Broadway type continually talks about a hot girlfriend who never materializes, for obvious reasons?

29. Which aged TV-theater diva has apparently gone lesbo?

30. Which Best Actress nominee is rumored to be one too?Ellen Page

31. What actor/rocker calls his dick Lucifer and more importantly is a big wee-wee himself?

32. Which hot female singer's facial surgery photographs so weirdly that sometimes entire photo shoots come up empty?

33. What 19-year-old TV star is an attitudey c-word?
1. This new mommy is ready to party, and she is partying along with her baby daddy-where is her new baby? with the nanny. The kid will probably grow up thinking the nanny is her mommy. Nicole Ritchie

2. This Fashionista loves giving her ex’s girlfriend grief. Despite having a new man and a possible bun in the oven, She can’t resist humiliating her ex-husband’s new girlfriend. She regards the young girl as weak and dumb.Kimora Simmons

Friday, February 22, 2008


This comedian is known for his comic skills, but his fans would be shocked if they knew how he really behaved. He treats his wife horribly. He fights with her in front of their kids and out in public. He is a disgrace. Sources say his Asian wife is very unhappy with the way she is being treated.
Dave Chappelle

NY POST 01/02
1. WHICH 40ish actress has finally gotten pregnant for the first time? Her rep is denying it because she's only a month into it, and has suffered miscarriages in the past. Said our source: "Watch for her to get bangs and start wearing hats to hide her sagging face because you can't be on Botox when you are pregnant."
Nicole Kidman

This black male celebrity is considered a very good actor although he has never won an acting award. Like so many actors before him, there have been complaints about his arrogance and attitude, but he's still respected for his craft throughout Hollywood. What few people know, it's heavily rumored that he's a functional cocaine addict. People on film sets were wondering, why is he always sniffling with a runny nose, twitching and somewhat irrational? He doesn't have a cold but he does have a cocaine habit that sets him back a couple of thousand each week. His nose is like a vacuum cleaner when it comes to this drug and he can't seem to stop snorting despite nasal problems (tissue). When he's at home, he likes to use coke in a darkened room and often closes the curtains beforehand. No one can understand, why is he blowing this opportunity with drugs? Because, it's so hard for blacks to make it in Hollywood, period. He gets an opportunity and goes buck wild, like he's making up for lost time. The public, especially urban communities would be surprised and shocked that this particular black actor is an cocaine addict. It's only a matter of time before everyone will become aware of his addiction-because at the rate he's going, he will be in rehab soon.
Terrance Howard