Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Entertainment Lawyer 01/01
#1 What comedian/actor/out of control mess was thrown out of a music video shoot because the band threatened to walk out if the actor was involved in the shoot in any form. Andy Dick / Nickelback 98%

#2 In front of Yamashiro last night, this female singer who was wearing even less than in her music videos was doing everything but taking off the rest of her clothes in order to get a music producer to take her for a "ride" in his brand new red Bentley. Her approach consisted of much bending over (clearly showing what she was bringing to the party), using two fingers and her tongue to suck on a mint, and clearly explaining how important fresh breath was in her life. Her fellow female band member looked really uncomfortable and the producer ultimately turned down the offer. The two singers left in a very cheap rental car but not before they stiffed the valet. When the singer's was asked by her fellow band member why she wasn't tipping the valet, the singer was heard saying, "looking at my body should be tip enough." Shannon Bex & JR Rotem 98%

#3 This former A list action star was recently out in public and no one was paying any attention to him. He whispered something to his son, who then shouted out, "look, it's ______." Soon there was a crowd around the fading star but he claimed he was too busy for any autographs. Sylvester Stallone 98%

#4 This B list film actor used to be famous for who he was with and now just can't get any respect. Recently he tried to get into a nightclub by moving to the front of the line. Neither doorman recognized him and was told to to the end of the line. He then pulled out his cell and called some of his friends inside the club to come get him in. After explaining for 15 minutes who he was there was still not entry. Then one of the friends mentioned the ex and the doormen opened the ropes immediately. Ryan Phillipe 98%

#5 Despite their appearances together on recent talk shows and their public comments to the contrary, these two actors really don't like each other and what you see in public and what goes on in private are two very different things. Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan 98%

#6 What boy band group broke up not because of creative differences, but because one of the singers got tired of the sexual advances and lifestyle of one of the other singers. (No, it's not N'Sync) New Edition Johnny Gill 98%

#7 There is an A- film actress filming a movie with a B+ actress and they haven't spoken an unnecessary word to each other on the set of their latest movie. Seems the two don't see eye to eye on many issues and can't stand each other. The last straw was that the A- actress felt that the B+ actress was hijacking the movie by threatening to not do the part unless she got more money and perks than the A- actress. The B+ actress told everyone that she was the better actress, and definitely worth more to the film. The B+ actress didn't get the extra dough, but made a bad relationship even worse. Scarlett Johansson & Penelope Cruz 98%

#8 The funny thing is this B list couple are going to stores together and buying things for his boyfriend's home not his home or her home as they want everyone to believe. Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen 98%

#9 I'm not really one for royalty blind items because I don't know any, but I do know that recently there was some royalty that hit the OC hard. (you can take that however you want, but I don't think they were physically hanging out at Laguna Beach.) Prince Harry & Mischa Barton 98%

#10 Some very interesting news. It seems that this certain A list body with the B list resume has been sticking with her guy after everyone thought that all was said and done because they got married. Not recently and no one even in the family is the wiser. They did it on a lark, but now at least she understands that in order to get out of it, people are going to find out she was in it in the first place. He's just happy to be married to her. I know when you read the first line you think it's very obvious, but it's not.
Jessica Alba & Cash Warren 98%

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