Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This white actor's racism (which has been reported before) never ceases to amaze me. In his presence, you get an immediate racist vibe. He can't make eye contact with black men or women and appears very uncomfortable when he's in the company of blacks, so much so, it's noticeable. This is the same actor who we reported on last year. He told a black playmate at the Mansion. "You sure are beautiful but you look mixed, you're not mixed with black are you? I hope not!" A white female he once desired was dating a black NFL player. When he saw the athlete at a club, he broke through the crowd and confronted him, "You haven't slept with her yet, have you? The NFL player looked at him like he was crazy. This actor also got upset, when he was on a series, a black stagehand was visited by his white girlfriend and her best friend. When the stagehand went to the men's room, he overheard the white girlfriend tell her friend, "What a great endowed lover he was." The white actor was infuriated and after that day, he made the black stagehand's life miserable on the set. It's even been rumored, when he goes to high-end department stores, he will tell security that blacks entered the store before him and they may want to keep a eye out in case of shoplifting. A few years ago, he dated a olive skinned woman who he thought had Native American blood in her. When she informed him that her mother was white but her father was bi-racial. He went ballistic and broke off the relationship, threatening her, "I have to let you go or I might commit a hate crime against you." He also made his recent significant other get rid of a close black female friend. It's rumored that this actor allegedly produced porn under a alias when he was practically destitute between acting jobs. When he did get a job on a series, he hardly spoke to his black co-star despite being friendly to other cast members. Hints: He's appeared on two TV series'.
Scott Baio 98%

Which actress broke things off with her man of a year because he isn't ready to get engaged? She took him back after he promised to prove his love for her -- but he still isn't ready for a walk down the aisle!
Jessica Alba 90%

Which highbrow talk show host telephoned a female massage therapist from the Pierre hotel last week and requested she perform intimate acts with his lady-friend, while he watched? Sadly, the answer was "No."
Donny Deutsch 79%

This guy is hot….and right now, he is the hot comic of the moment with his standup routines and movies. Unfortunately, this young comic/actor likes to get high, and it’s affecting his performances. At a recent show in the Midwest, he performed so bad he offered to give concert goers their money back.
Katt Williams 89%

Which breakout young male star uses - gasp - fake eyelashes to get his trademark gaze? Dammit, Hollywood, stop toying with us!
Zac Efron 98%

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