Saturday, February 23, 2008

I love the C list. Seriously, they are the best. I would write more of them, but I want you to be able to at least have a chance at guessing. Speaking of guessing. You know the blind item from earlier this week about the A+ listers who both spent time with the same woman. You might want to be around in July or mark your calendars. That's all I am saying. So, back to the C lister. She is an actress who has done what I like to call this and that on television. A little of the one time thing and a few two or three episode arcs, mixed with a starring role in a tweener show. Now our C lister who is older than your typical tweener has branched out into some nice respectable B films with nice respectable B actors. Well, respectable for the most part. For now, lets go back to the tweener show where our actress introduced several other cast members to the wonderful world of meth. Although only 3 or 4 fellow cast members took her up on her offer, one of those who did now has a serious problem. Our actress was also known as the "stress reliever" to whatever guys wanted to spend some time with her. Or girls it turns out as well. No girls on the tweener show that I have heard of, but in her latest film she did manage to find a has been celebutante who got a role and slept with her. They also traded coke for sex with the comic actor who was in this very space not too long ago. C listers are the best.Christine Lakin

This B- list actress with the A list movie resume. When I say A list movie resume I mean summer type popcorn flicks that do well. Well she was at a premiere recently and decided that she didn't like where the limo driver was going to drop her off. She opened her door and saw that he had missed a spot by about five feet. God forbid she was going to walk the five feet. With the door halfway open she unleashed a verbal tirade against the poor driver that included every four letter word known to man and to Xenu. (not a clue, just thought it was fun to write) After she made him move up the five feet, she opened her own door and then went around to the drivers side and then let him have it again. The guy drove away leaving her there in the street. She then put on her happy face and made nice for the red carpet. Jessica Alba

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