Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Panache Report 02/27

#1 She is the relative of a famous celebrity, her whole identity is based on his past accomplishments and she is known in black communities.
She pimps her blood line for all it's worth although it's not worth much anymore. She used her pedigree to date celebrity men, mainly pro ballers and rappers.
These men hit it and quit it, she was devastated.
She was always a recreational drinker but over the last 3-4 years her drinking has gotten out of control.
This once good looking woman has a swollen face and blood shot eyes and always reeks of alcohol.
She has become a spectacle and can been seen staggering all over Hollywood when she's not driving under the influence.
She can guzzle the juice straight with no chaser. Arnelle Simpson daughter of O.J. 85%

#2 Over the years, some rappers fall off or they leave rap intentionally. This rapper falls in one of those categories.
The real reason he became ghost? Two of his friends were murdered over an extortion deal gone bad and he feared for his life by assuming he was the target of a murder contract.
He hid low until he became assured the coast was clear and then he reappeared just as mysteriously as he disappeared from public view.
Mase 85%

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