Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Entertainment Lawyer 02/27
#1 This married B- list television and some truly awful films actress was at an after party and would not stop hitting on this B list film actor/comedian. When he asked her about her husband, she replied that he was out of town and that no one would no. Our actor declined. Eva Longoria & Dane Cook 75%

#2 This 90% television C list actor that you would probably recognize but would not know his name brought along a "date" to one of the bigger parties of the night. When a friend of the actor asked our actor where he found her, he replied that she was an escort. Now, our friend is a married B list actor with A+ name recognition when it comes to his role. The friend introduced himself to the escort, got her number and made plans to see her this week.

#3 This foreign born C list actress here and A list in her own spent much of the night at the after party she attended, with her finger dipping into her purse and her stash. She would walk up to people and chat, and as she was leaving them she would turn, dip and snort all at the same time. On one of her turns she nearly ran into this foreign born actor/actress couple who asked if they could partake. Our actress agreed and the three spent the rest of the evening together huddled around our actresses' purse until it was all gone. Amy Adams / Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem 69%

#4Which U.S. senator, currently applying for another job, slipped on the waxed marble floors rushing to a vote and inadvertently grabbed both breasts of a female Capitol police officer, according to a story she's been telling around the Hill? Hillary Clinton 55%

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