Tuesday, February 26, 2008

1) He may have been the devils own, but it hasn’t been enough to keep this actor’s career up to speed. Maybe that is why his closet door is less firmly shut than it than it used to be in the past. Recent weeks he has been seen cruising through town and partying at nightclubs with his striking young boyfriend.
Keanu Reeves 90%

2) This legendary Hollywood director does not only have billions to the bank he also has his heart in the right place. When his wife overheard a local animal shelter was in financial trouble and feared it had to close it’s doors he not only donated one million dollars, he also prompted his friends to pick up some of the most needy pets and offered a severely battered dog a new loving home. Steven Spielberg 99%

3) This not so usual actor showed his gallant side at a recent party in London. When a member of the British elite displayed aggression and rudeness towards his girlfriend the actor confronted the ‘distinguished gent’ about his behavior. When the notable then turned his aggression towards the gallant actor, he was silenced by a swift left corner. The gallant actor proceeded to offer the damsel in distress a ride home. He did not return to the party. Gabriel Byrne 67%

4) Will this actor ever learn? His behavior is spinning out of control, drugs, booze, violence, rudeness, and now he even badmouthed one of his female fans when she asked for his autograph at a recent social gathering. The actor was so high his boyfriend in disguise even intervened in fear things would get out of control even more. Mike Meyers 44%

5) This actor loves the ocean. He likes the ladies, but….recently he met someone he really seems to have lost his heart to, his biggest problem may be it’s not someone of the opposite sex. The pressure is high for him to keep his secret, but some think he may be getting tired of it. George Clooney 89%

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