Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In the past, we have reported on this very pretty black female celebrity who missed her calling. She should have been a porn star or call girl because her sexual deviance is out of control! Back in the day when she was first making a name for herself in Hollywood, she attended an industry event. She surprised everyone when she took the dance floor with a high powered music executive and proceeded to do a strip/dirty dancing routine. She also got down low and was in the midst of unzipping his pants until she realized where she was and pulled up. She once dated one of the sexiest black men in the industry (not an actor, athlete, singer or rapper). They broke up, Few people knew why, until now. She had to many sexual girlfriends on the side and was paying less attention to him. She moved on to an black actor (considered unattractive by industry and society standards). The actor thought he hit the jackpot until her sexual demands became out of control. She wanted it at least five times a day. She then got involved with a 'secret lover." He is a world renowned sports superstar. At first, he was turned on by her looks and sex appeal but she made a sexual request so vile during intercourse, that he immediately stopped, got up, looked at her strangely, put on his clothes and stormed out, slamming the door in the process! She realized quickly that she was letting her jackpot get away. She tried to unsuccessfully to call him the next few days but he refused to turn her calls. This relationship was so brief that few people knew they were together until now! Despite her good looks and conservative demeanor, this woman in a wild cat in the sack. She immensely enjoys sexual acts considered "sick" by many. Allegedly, she can't get off unless she performs sexual deviance. Hints: It's not Halle Berry, Nia or Stacy Dash and our sports superstar is not Kobe Bryant and you don't have to follow sports to know who he is. The high powered music executive is not Quincy Jones.
black female celebrity: Salli Richardson
high powered music executive: Suge Knight
sexiest black men in the industry: Tyson Beckford
black actor: Glenn Plummer
renowned sports superstar: Shaq 88%

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